You Need a Doorstop

The Catholics call them twice-a-year Catholics, or two-timers; those people who only attend church twice a year, at Christmas and Easter. They’re something of a running joke in many Catholic parishes, but they’re not just a Catholic phenomenon. Every denomination has its every-so-often churchgoers. Every church has its once-a-year members.

How do you fight that? How do you build a ministry that encourages, almost demands, that the congregation actually become a congregation? How do you mold those people who fill your churches into an actual group of people, a family almost, rather than just a bunch of folks who show up at the same time once a week?

I’ve found a way that works; I don’t know that it’s the only way, but it works. I’ve proven it. And as we fill this blog space with discussions about how and why that way works, I hope you’ll feel free to join in.

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